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Hi There! I'm Javonne Steward and this is my story.

I'm a mom of 2 kids living in Houston, Texas. I started sewing back in 2012 when one of my co-workers generously gave me a sewing machine. I had never used a sewing machine before then. She gave me some sewing basics and by practicing a lot I became better over time. I sew every Pillow Thingy with that same sewing machine today. 

In 2018 I went through a life changing event that triggered some painful emotions from my childhood, mainly abandonment. You see, I grew up as a foster child in the inner city of Chicago and I was adopted when I was 16. I went through several homes as a kid and as a kid I always felt like I didn't belong to any of the families. I felt abandoned in ways. At one point in my childhood I had this stuffed dog and pillow that brought me comfort whenever I felt desolate. So during this life changing event it resurfaced some feelings from my childhood. So in order to keep my mind distracted from focusing on negative things... I got creative.

And Pillow Thingy was birthed. 

I was trying to make a doll to go along with my book "Princess Javonne: A Story of Overcoming Obstacles". I was trying to get the head right (because I can sometimes be a perfectionist) but I couldn't get it the way I desired it...so I got frustrated and cut it off.

The next day my daughter got up and asked if I could sew the "neck" (which is the THINGY) close and asked if she could color on it. I obliged. The very 1st Pillow Thingy is pictured below.

The very 1st Pillow Thingy
From that day forward I've been sewing and selling Pillow Thingy's. I am super excited that I've been entrusted to create a novelty pillow that BOTH boys and girls can enjoy.
I am very grateful and thankful that I experienced that tough moment in life because out of it came a phenomenal product that the world will soon come to know and love.
When I see the joy on young children and old people's faces (yes even old people love Pillow Thingy) it reminds me that everything has purpose. It reminds me that God has a spectacular plan for my life. 
I will continue to design and develop quirky toys, books and ideas that will foster imagination and creative play. Everything I do is intentional and designed with the whole family in mind. So follow along with me on Instagram @pillowthingy and @javonne.steward to see what I come up with next.
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I appreciate you reading my story. If you would like to hear this story in person I'd love to come share it with your organization. Please click here to give and get more details.